Testing the water levels

Zooming back to KL, if you want to spend a tranquil evening, then you must visit Lake Gardens to see the scenery and the sun set from there. We had also reserved one single day for Putrajaya, as we wanted to cover all the aspect there too. We also felt that transportation in and around KL is quite decent, with good mass transit systems and public transport system in place. Malaysia is famous for it retails, and when you are in KL make sure you explore this front, just as we did.


As soon as you are done with KL, you can easily head north for Penang. Penang is also filled with loads of tourist attraction like the Penang Hills, the cable car ride, tranquil waters and street food. You can also take a tranquil ferry ride from and to Penang at exploring the areas of Langkawi. Even Langkawi is a renowned destination, and many tourists, just like us, explore the scenery and the tranquility of the area. The ferry ride itself is very enjoyable, and you can easily spend some quality time whilst on it.