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Singapore is undoubtedly comprised of a multi-ethnic population. As a result, it celebrates a myriad of festivals with gusto all along the year. In case you are on your way to visit Singapore during the winter vacations, then you must assume yourself to be among those lucky persons with mingling with the locals during these festivals.

Most Enjoyable Festivals to Enjoy through Singapore Car Rental


Some of the most enjoyable festivals that can be easily enjoyed and viewed by the naked eye on your own way through hiring a cab from reliable Singapore car Rental Company include the following:


  • Thaipusam Festival – The Thaipusam Festival is generally celebrated in the mid of January and February every year with full zeal. This festival is celebrated to honor Lord Subramaniam, the Hindu Deity. Hindus perform the justified acts to express their heartfelt thanks.

While celebrating this festival, the devotees continue with their fast and praying. When the day arrives, family and friends assist in loading of a cage-like steel frame on the body of the devotee. This weighs near about 30 kg and is elaborate with images of Hindu deities and peacock feathers.

In case you are on your own personal cab, you can easily have a close look to the cage and view each and every detail clearly. If not, you can book car rental at this website >> Numerous spikes remain extended inwards the flesh of the devotee. You can also have a closer look at each and every incident with due attention.


  • Chinese New Year – With the help of a reliable Singapore car rental service, it will be easy for you to enjoy the Chinese New Year by viewing the same closely. Ave Though this festival is very much popular among the Chinese people, but people of other states and religions also have started participating and take enjoyment.

Originated in China, it is also known as the Spring Festival as this festival is celebrated to invite the Spring Season. To be honest, people look forward to going for better in the long run by abandoning the bitter memories of the previous years. In Singapore, Chinese people celebrate by shopping goodies and decorations.

If you want, you may also join the crowd to enjoy the hustle and bustle on the road all along the roadside stalls and throngs. You will also see the quaint Chinese lanterns hanging from the buildings. You try to check out the acrobats at the Telok Ayer Square. All these are possible through persona cab hiring.  Also, a visit to the Esplanade Park will give you an exposure to the River Hong Bao Carnival.

  • The Orchard Road Christmas Light Up – By heading towards the Orchard Road you will definitely be able to enjoy the Orchard Road Christmas Light. Also, you will be mesmerized with the dramas and carols performed by the church groups.

Riding a Car across Indon

The name of Indonesia is taken under the same breath along with Singapore and Malaysia, when we talk of vacations in Southeast Asia. The reason behind this is not unknown to us. Whatever we look for, when we think of spending a few days away from our daily life, these countries provide that to us. From natural landscapes, to beaches, colorful festivals, places to explore, thrill-filled activities, exquisite cuisine – everything, you will get in Indonesia. This probably justifies the reason why a lot is spent behind preserving the cultural heritages of this country.

A popular center of tourism in Indonesia is Tana Toraja. The place is located 300 kilometers away from Makassar. One point worth mentioning here is that since the distance is quite long, you should not hesitate to visit the place, since it has a lot of excitements in stored for you. Instead what you can do is book a car rental at and rent a car for yourself. You will comfortably reach the place and won’t lose much of your time. At the entrance of Tana Toraja lies a beautiful town, Rantepao. The place has a name for being an admiration for adventure lovers. There are a few unique forms of sports and activities that go on here.

Tana-TorajaTana Toraja (picture on the left) is renowned for a completely different reason. It has a culture for the funeral that is absolutely distinctive. This culture has been going on for ages and is still followed by the people here. It takes place amidst a great crowd and the expenditure undertaken for the occasion is much more than is usually spent for a wedding event. During the event, however, buffalos and pigs are killed as offerings to the deceased.  It is a long-term event that takes place for a few days. The rock graves are a sight to visualize where people keep clothes, photograph, and other items as part of their beliefs for the departed one. The specialty of these graves is that the rock is carved by hands to make out the grave. Thus it takes a lot of time, often a few months before it becomes ready to be used.

The most exciting island of Indonesia is the Papua Island. Jungles and mountains surround the island, which is among the biggest ones in Indonesia. You will get to see some tribal forms in this island. Thus you will definitely have a splendid time in here. West Papua has a lot of thrilling activities and thus is a spot of attraction for adventure lovers. From diving to fishing, fishing to snorkeling, you will get to enjoy everything here. A recommendable place in Papua is Raja Ampat where you will get to see the lush sceneries of mountains, underwater and beaches at the same spot. However visit during October or November, since the climatic conditions are perfect during this time.

You should also meet with the tribal here in Papua who are known as Korowai. They live on trees and still hunt animals and eat.


Testing the water levels

Zooming back to KL, if you want to spend a tranquil evening, then you must visit Lake Gardens to see the scenery and the sun set from there. We had also reserved one single day for Putrajaya, as we wanted to cover all the aspect there too. We also felt that transportation in and around KL is quite decent, with good mass transit systems and public transport system in place. Malaysia is famous for it retails, and when you are in KL make sure you explore this front, just as we did.


As soon as you are done with KL, you can easily head north for Penang. Penang is also filled with loads of tourist attraction like the Penang Hills, the cable car ride, tranquil waters and street food. You can also take a tranquil ferry ride from and to Penang at exploring the areas of Langkawi. Even Langkawi is a renowned destination, and many tourists, just like us, explore the scenery and the tranquility of the area. The ferry ride itself is very enjoyable, and you can easily spend some quality time whilst on it.