Booking Car Rental In Singapore

Singapore is undoubtedly comprised of a multi-ethnic population. As a result, it celebrates a myriad of festivals with gusto all along the year. In case you are on your way to visit Singapore during the winter vacations, then you must assume yourself to be among those lucky persons with mingling with the locals during these festivals. Most Enjoyable Festivals to Enjoy through Singapore Car Rental   Some of the most… Read Article →


Riding a Car across Indon

The name of Indonesia is taken under the same breath along with Singapore and Malaysia, when we talk of vacations in Southeast Asia. The reason behind this is not unknown to us. Whatever we look for, when we think of spending a few days away from our daily life, these countries provide that to us. From natural landscapes, to beaches, colorful festivals, places to explore, thrill-filled activities, exquisite cuisine –… Read Article →


Testing the water levels

Zooming back to KL, if you want to spend a tranquil evening, then you must visit Lake Gardens to see the scenery and the sun set from there. We had also reserved one single day for Putrajaya, as we wanted to cover all the aspect there too. We also felt that transportation in and around KL is quite decent, with good mass transit systems and public transport system in place…. Read Article →